Gerber Cable Dawg Multi Tool Review

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Gerber is a USA based company that is well-known to be producing cutting tools, multi-tools, and knives. It also manufactures the Cable Dawg Multi-tool. Originally produced for US army personnel, this multi-tool is a powerhouse packed into one gadget, offering industrial-grade efficiency to cabling professionals. It represents a move in the multi-tool industry towards producing specialized devices with particular aims. Gerber designed this task-specific multi-tool to aid telecom and communications specialists in their fieldwork.

Gerber Cable Dawg Multi-Tool Review
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Gerber Cable Dawg Multi Tool Review – Overview


  • Comes with a black nylon sheath which can effortlessly slide into your cargo pant’s pockets
  • All the tools you need for your cabling projects: Wire/Cable Cutter, CAT5 Jacket Cutter, RJ45 Crimper Head, Wire Strippers and Magnetic Driver Extension
  • Lightweight – weighing at only 14 oz, it’s easier to carry it around for your projects
  • combo edge knife blade with jacket cutter
  • The detachable component handle makes the tools more comfortable to hold and use
  • Multiple driver storage compartments
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Let’s take a look at all the features in detail:

Black Nylon Sheath

The Gerber Cable Dawg is sold with a black nylon sheath. You can put your multi-tool in your cargo pants pockets and get to work on the ground without having to worry about carrying it. If that does not appeal to you, Gerber also provides a lanyard attachment string with the multi-tool.

All the Tools You Need

Gerber efficiently designed the Cable Dawg to include wire/cable cutters, which can trip the cat-5 wires prior to crimping. It can also smoothly clip the wires. The cat-5 jacket cutter and RJ-45 crimpers are also built-in, in this multi-tool. The wire-stripper in this multi-tool can strip wires of different sizes. Lastly, the magnetic driver extension is good to work with all your screwdrivers; Phillips, flat, or even punch-downs.


Gerber manufactured this powerful multi-tool using high-quality steel. Still, the handles are made using glass-filled nylon, which drastically reduces the weight of this 7.5 inches multi-tool to only 14 oz. This makes it pretty comfortable to carry around when you are engaged in cabling work.

Combo Edge Knife with Jacket Cutter

The knife blade is equipped with a gut hook that can be used for cutting the sheathing of other cables longitudinally. This helps in accessing the inner conductors.

Detachable Component Handle

The removable handle of the Gerber Cable Dawg makes it more comfortable to use. Once detached, it feels like you are holding a screwdriver as compared to the thick handles of other multi-tools. Even the knife becomes more comfortable to handle like a pocket knife. Moreover, punching down wires becomes more manageable due to this smart feature.

Multiple Driver Storage Compartment

Gerber has constructed an amazing storage compartment in one handle for all the Phillips driver bits and slotted screws.

Lifetime Warranty

Gerber provides a guarantee for a lifetime on the Cable Dawg Multi-tool. Because of its durability and efficiency, you might not use this warranty. However, rest assured Gerber will replace it if there is any defect.

Pros & Cons

  • Removable handle on one side
  • Black nylon sheath for storage
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Efficient tools packed into one multi-tool for communications work
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The RJ-45 crimper does not engage the wires fully
  • Quite expensive


Final Thoughts

Gerber built and designed the Cable Dawg for cabling professionals, and it stays true to its promise for providing them with efficient tools. However, since this is Gerber’s first attempt, some modifications to the RJ-45 crimper would make it even easier to use for the professionals. The good news is that most users report being able to use it effectively after some practice. The price Gerber is charging might seem a lot to some consumers. In the end, however, it all comes down to how much you value convenience. If you are willing to pay more money for a handy tool that combines all the tools you need for work into one compact body, then you can consider buying Gerber’s Cable Dawg Multi-tool. It puts together all the tools that would have to carry around, very conveniently into one efficient multi-tool.

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