Banne Multi Tool Review

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At times when keeping regular tools with you seems impractical, that is where multi-tools come in. As they are easily concealable, you would be able to hide them anywhere: under your clothes, or deep within your pocket. It would just blend in, and due to its portability and compactness, there won’t be a problem carrying it with you.

Whether you are facing a routine problem or lost in an unknown area, this hand tool will come to your rescue. It can be used for both problem-solving and self-defense. It is pretty amazing how, with a simple handheld device, you can accomplish so much work.

Let’s shed some light upon one of these impressive handheld gadgets that outshine all other tools in this review of Banne Multi tool.

Banne Multi-Tool Review
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Banne Multi Tool Review – Overview

The goal of a multi-tool is to provide as many functions as it can within a small body, and the Banne multi-tool serves its purpose pretty well. This all-purpose tool is versatile, and fuses several functions in just a single hand grip. So, no matter what type of day-to-day complication you face, you’d have the right tool to resolve it.

The combination of tools and its user-friendly design allows you to take care of all home-related and even outdoor problems. Even if you are out somewhere hanging out, fishing, hiking, picnicking, cycling, or camping, this gadget is equipped with every tool to deal with all basic problems.


A multi-tool that wears fast is completely pointless, and a waste of money. On the other hand, the Banne multi-tool came into being through exquisite craftsmanship. It is constructed with super tough stainless-steel material that will overcome the test of time.

You can perform all heavy-duty tasks with this gadget without worrying about the bending or breaking of the tools. But remember every material has its limits if you expect it to do the impossible, then it won’t serve you. One thing is for sure that, because of its wear-resistant construction, it is long-lasting.


You can’t get a single regular high-quality tool in such a price range. Hence, the reasonable price of Banne multi-tool makes it within the financial reach of almost everyone. You can enjoy the all-around benefits of a whole toolbox within a small hand tool.

It comes with a strong nylon pouch that has a strap instead of Velcro. Well, it is better as Velcro wears off fast, and the button strap is a faster and more secure option.

Main Features

The true magic of its problem-solving skill-set lies in the number of tools it allows you to have on your fingertips. You’d be stunned to know that it possesses the functions of ten fully practical tools. All of these tools will bring ease to your stressed lives. This list of tools explains its usefulness in our daily lives:

  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Medium slotted screwdriver
  • Large knife blade
  • Wood/Metal file
  • Bottle opener
  • Can opener
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Saw blade

Large Knife Blade

The blade does not just appear impressive, but also serves all of its purposes. You can utilize it for any heavy-duty cutting task. For instance, cutting down ropes, pipes, plastic, wires, clothes, and straps should be a piece of cake, as the edges are sharp enough to even cut your fingers off. The size of the blade is within the legal length, so you won’t have to hide it.

Saw Blade

For the plain blade to cut off a textured material such as ropes, branches, or shoelace would require more effort and time. While the whole purpose of the saw blade is to cut these materials in seconds, its fine-toothed edge will easily pierce any surface that you want to split.


These easily deployable scissors can be summoned in an instant to cut anything that it fits in. The scissors in multi-tools are usually trickier to handle due to the cluttered mechanism, but it can surely get the task done.

Pros & Cons

  • The tool is durable, and will last long for years
  • It has a comfortable grip due to its smart design
  • It packs a good number of tools within its small body
  • For how much functions it provides, it has a feasible price
  • Banne offers an 25 year warranty
  • The tool opening mechanism is stiff, and you might have to struggle a bit to deploy tools completely
  • Sometimes, the blade won’t lock due to its weak lock system
  • The wire cutter part is very small



This solidly built hand tool provides a good range of functions that you might not be able to get at such a price. Furthermore, it is equipped with fine opening and closing mechanisms which might feel stiff at first, but it would get easier the more you use it. We suggest you invest your money in this multi-tool, and make your life better.

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