Victorinox Handyman Review

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Are you someone who loves being self-sufficient? Do you hate being caught in situations where you would’ve been able to get through easily if only you had the right tool? The task is usually simple like cutting an apple for the kids in the car, opening a tight plastic packaging or fixing a loose screw on the door handle. These sometimes become a pain because of the lack of the right kind of tool.

On the other hand, toolboxes take up a lot of space and it is a trial to keep the big tools rust free in the humid months. Their size and weight also makes them a bit of an overkill for the little handy tasks around the house. Even if you love your toolbox and are super comfortable with your tools, you can’t stuff them all in your pocket when you’re going out of the house.

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Victorinox Handyman Review – Overview

Whether it be uncorking bottles at a party, filing your nails or cutting a coupon from a magazine, the Victorinox Swiss Army Handyman will suffice. It is a small and compact Handyman which has the capacity to perform a myriad of functions. There are many options of multipurpose tools available in the market. However, this Handyman is made by the company which released the original Swiss Army knife and is one of the best in the market.

In order to be useful for their designated purpose, tools need to be hardy and durable. Victorinox recognizes this and offers supreme quality and durability with the Victorinox Swiss Army Handyman. Let us look at all the features this useful tool has to offer!

Strength and Durability

Everyone values durability in the products they buy. No one likes wasting time and money on a product that will not last long. This is especially true for tools. Tools are often used roughly and if they are not made of the best quality materials in the most refined way, soon they lose their strength and break. Whether a tool is full-sized and large or it is tiny and part of a compact multipurpose pocket-tool, it can only be useful if its individual elements are tough and hold well under pressure.

Victorinox recognizes this necessity and creates its tools with the utmost precision. The Victorinox Swiss Army Handyman has been created with the finest materials. Each individual tool of the Handyman has been hardened according to its specific requirements to make it live up to its designated purpose. The tools are strong, sharp and durable. Victorinox’s confidence in its production is reflected in the lifetime warranty offered with the Handyman.


We all know how frustrating it is to be fixing something and not finding the right tool in the house. There are so many tools for so many different functions that it is likely that you may miss some when purchasing them individually. Furthermore, tools of good quality can often be very expensive. Most of the time, for small activities around the house, what you really need are small, handy, all-purpose tools. These can help you with maintenance and other activities without being too high-maintenance themselves.

The Victorinox Handyman is ideal for leisure activities or maintenance around the house. It has 24 different functions which allow it to be useful for every commonly arising need. With Victorinox Handyman you don’t need other tools. It has a wide variety of tools including a screwdriver, knife, nail file, serrated knife, bottle opener, cork opener and even scissors. You can also use this Handyman to cut wires and crimp them with its crimping tool.

All in all, the versatility of the Victorinox Swiss Army Handyman truly removes the need for any extra tools.


  • This product comes with 24 functions. With this Handyman you will have a large blade, small blade, scissors, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with a large screwdriver, corkscrew, wood saw, fine screwdriver, metal saw and a wood chisel.
  • You can also cut your wires and crimp them. It has wire stripper, wire cutter and wire crimper tools.
  • The Handyman also has some extra mini-tools. These include a reamer with a punch, a multi-purpose hook, tweezers and a one-time use toothpick.
  • The product also has a metal nail file and nail cleaner to keep your pedicures in tip-top shape.
  • The top of the Handyman has a keyring hole for convenience so you can attach it to your keys or belt. The small size makes sure that the tool won’t come in the way of using the keys.
  • It comes in a classic red casing and is very compact. It is only 3.6 inches long and weighs 5.54 ounces. This compact size allows you to fit it in your pocket or in the glove compartment of your car.
  • The Victorinox Handyman comes in a stylish red case. On top of the case you can see the familiar Victorinox logo to identify the authenticity of the product.



Customers recommend this product because of its versatility, durability and compactness. They love how they can use it for such a wide range of applications around the house and outside and never need anything else. It is especially loved by homeowners with limited storage space to keep a big toolbox. People who bought this product adore it and many say that it’s a permanent part of their everyday carry now. If you value versatility, convenience and durability in tools, the Victorinox Swiss Army Handyman is definitely a must-have for you.

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