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Roxon Storm Review – Practical 16 in 1 Multi Tool With Lots of Functions

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Today we have the pleasure to review a new multitool, the Roxon  Storm S801 . Toolboxes are heavy, and can’t be carried around in pockets. At times like these, multi-tools come in handy because they pack a combination of essential tools that can prove to be helpful in tackling tricky situations at work, or under special circumstances like hunting, hiking, etc.

Roxon Storm Design and Construction

For a multi-tool, this one is fairly wide and bulky due to the 16 tools placed inside. With this one, Roxon has followed a classic toolbox approach. This professional level multi-tool is made of a high quality Tungsten Alloy to make it corrosion-resistant, and also give it strength and durability to last for years.

It is specifically designed for easy use and access. The safe locking mechanism makes it safe to use, as well as keep other tools in place to prevent any obstruction during work. The amalgamation of tools is carefully arranged in a thoughtful manner, making it ideal for outdoor, automobile, and domestic use.

List of Tools Included

  • Large scissors
  • Multi-pliers
  • Saw and knife blade
  • Flat screwdriver and file
  • Can and bottle opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Rope and wire cutter
  • Hook disgorger
  • Glass breaker
  • Philip screwdriver
  • Ruler

Moreover, the package comes with a thick and sturdy nylon sheath tat can also accommodate the bit kit, along with the multi-tool.

Highlights of the Roxon Storm Review

In the set of 16 tools, a pair of large shears might be the highlight of this multi-tool. The larger size outguns the normal scissors that you get in many multi-tools.

For the scissors to be positioned for use, you’ll need to unfold one handle. The scissors are spring-loaded, with large cutting blades that can cut through materials like cotton cloth, denim, credit card plastic, cardboard etc. quite comfortably and easily. The stellar performance of these shears is truly a joy.

Another highlight is the dual plier, a needle-nosed plier, and regular pliers that come out once you open the tool. The spring-loaded mechanism of the pliers makes it a breeze to hold and use them. The nose of the pliers is pointy enough to get into any tight spot with ease.

The good thing is that,even with sweaty hands, it will not slip away while in use. They are easy to use even with gloves on.

Wire Cutter

At the base of the pliers is a sharp wire cutter. Unfortunately, the cutter is not replaceable if it becomes ragged after extensive use. However, the rewarding factor is that it executes cutting tasks with amazing precision. The cutters not only cut wires and ropes, but even hanger wires, without causing damage to the cutter.

Glass Breaker and Scale

The Tungsten glass breaker at the bottom of one handle is a rare addition. It is permanently fixed to the handle, and can break glass with a single strike.

On the other handle is a small metric scale measuring 8cm. The measurements are engraved on the black surface of the handle. Due to the flat handle, you can easily draw a straight line with a pencil using this ruler. These two are ready for use without needing to open the multi-tool.

Other Tools

The cutting blade, 54mm straight edge and 11mm on the secondary tip, included in the instrument has a drop-point design that can cut comfortably through cardboard, denim etc. In adition  it has a line-locker included to keep it secured in the opening position.

Next to the blade are three small tools, the rope/cord cutter, hook disgorger, and a can opener. With the sharp surface of the cord-cutter, you can cut nylon ropes and cords quite effortlessly. The hook disgorger is useful for paint cans, plastic bubble wrap, and for removing staple pins. The can opener can give you a little trouble, because it’s lodged deep in the handle. When you come towards the wood saw, it has a single-handed opening and sharpened teeth meant for easily cutting into wood and plastic materials.

The effective single-handed operation of the corkscrew will please you. It is located well enough to easily dig into a cork. Unlike other multi-tools, this one barely sticks out of the multi-tool once it has been closed. When it comes to the bottle opener, you only have to hook it, and it will successfully remove the lid of a bottle. The dual-sided file with a tip that you can use for scraping is also an effective tool.

The Philip screw driver is large and sturdy enough to easily fit in a screw and fix it. You can use it as a shank for the bit kit.

Pros & Cons

  • A good alternative for a tool kit
  • Large scissors
  • Ideal for outdoor and domestic use
  • 10-year warranty
  • Premium quality build and design
  • Wide and bulky size


In conclusion of our Roxon Storm Review we can argue that despite the minor flaws, this multi-tool is a good alternative for it’s more expensive competitors. The durable build and effective tools make it worth every penny.

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