Bibury SandBlasted Review – Compact EDC Multi Tool For Newbies

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There isn’t a field of life where a multi-tool won’t come in handy. For instance, from a simple task like scraping off the rust from a metal surface, to a complex one like dismantling a machine full of screws can be a piece of cake with such instruments. These handheld tools make your work shorter by combining a good deal of functions within a small body.

They are widely used throughout the globe as a means of survival whenever you do not have your tool kit around you. They can be always there with you wherever you are, because unlike the big-body tools, they can fit anywhere. You can store them in your pocket or attach them with your belt or bag’s strap, and forget about them until a problem comes up.

Here we are going to discuss one of these life-saving instruments that can completely alter your lifestyle. Let’s look into it:

Bibury Sandblasted Multi-tool

This tool is one of the best examples of how a multi-tool can bring all ease to your life. You don’t need to be a motor mechanic to enjoy all of its benefits. You will witness that it will prove useful in every way.

It can be used to deal with all cutting problems, as its sharp blades can make its way through the hardest materials with ease. Opening up something, making a hole in hard surface, twisting a wire, scraping off a surface, tightening a screw or any small problem that you can face in daily life will be easier to solve.


A multi-tool should save you from the struggle that you face even with trivial matters, not increase it. Therefore, the manufacturers keep the design as user-friendly as possible.

Bibury Sandblasted multi-tool has a spring-assisted opening and closing mechanism that helps the tools to deploy easily. So, this means that once you deploy the tools, they stay open firmly without any wobbling that might trouble you. After that, when the task is done, you slip them close with just a little movement of your wrist. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it actually is.


It is surprising how everything fits into a small unit. This hand tool gives off the benefits of thirteen tools that fit right into a body that is just your palm’s length. Yes! You read that right. It has a compact size that is feasible to store everywhere, including your tiny pocket.

Moreover, you must be expecting it to be heavier, even if it has a small body. Its lightweight construction might stun you, as it only weighs 307g. This simply means it would be unnoticeable even when you’re carrying it within your pocket. It won’t make a visible bump that might appear awkward.


This instrument is packed with the capabilities of thirteen useful instruments that you require in everyday life. Here is the list of all of the features that it carries:

  • Strong pliers
  • Plain sharp blade
  • Saw-toothed blade
  • Small serrated blade
  • Scissors
  • Bottle opener
  • Can opener
  • Nail filer
  • Wire cutters
  • Mini blade
  • Multiple screwdrivers (flat head and cross point)
  • Lanyard ring

Prominent Tools

Let’s discuss some major tools that this multi-instrument provides:

Powerful Pliers

This is not a regular plier that you have in your tool bag. It carries the function of three powerful pliers. You can use it to cut ropes, wires, straps, or anything that fits in it using the end-cutter plier part. The cutter part is sharp enough to split the sturdiest wire apart.

The needle-nosed plier part is the flat and slender area which you can use to practically grasp anything firmly. For instance, if you are in a need to hold wire and twist it, this part will serve the purpose. Lastly, the standard round part is used to hold onto something round and help you to apply more strain that you cannot apply using just your hands.

Sharp Blades

You can utilize these sharp blades for any heavy-duty tasks. The stainless-steel construction makes sure that they won’t fail you, and will pierce through the hardest material. These blades can cut hefty ropes, hard-steel wires, clothes, plastic pipes, all within seconds.

Pros & Cons

  • It doesn’t just look high-quality, it actually is
  • So many useful gadget options are available in just one unit
  • The body is made with high-quality material, so it is durable enough to last for years
  • Considering the number of tools it provides, it has a reasonable price
  • It lacks rubber fittings in the handles
  • When you open up the pliers with the lanyard ring attached, it interferes with it


The services it provides outshine all of its flaws. The powerful pliers with rope cutters, the sharp blades, the sturdy construction, and other highly useful tools make it a must-have item. This is why we highly recommend this Bibury Sandblasted MultiTool.

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