Leatherman Wingman vs Skeletool

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Leatherman is known to have released a variety of amazingly useful multi-tools. The company has never compromised on the quality of its products or on the satisfaction of its customers. Its two relatively older, yet practical, multi-tools are the Wingman and the Skeletool; these are significantly old-school models with fewer tools than the other advanced models. This article will provide you with a detailed comparison of the two models.

Leatherman Wingman vs Skeletool – Overview


Leatherman Wingman

Leatherman Wingman
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The Wingman by Leatherman is a super affordable full-sized tool. It has 14 efficient and powerful tools that are designed to meet a variety of your needs. Its fold design makes it pocket-friendly and easy to carry. It is a great tool for people who want to carry a multi-tool but can’t afford to pay large sums for it.

Main Tools

The pliers offered by the Wingman have both a regular and a needle-nosed head. They offer amazing grip and torque. The spring action feature prevents the pliers from getting locked during use.

The wire cutters are efficient in cutting larger wires but are not suitable for shorter ones because of their construction. There is a small gap between the pliers and the wire cutters which results in rough uneven cuts.

The knife blade is a combination of serrated and straight blades. It is dangerously sharp and easy to maintain.

The scissors feature a spring arm and can be easily used with one hand. However, they often get stuck when used to cut thick objects.

The Wingman also has a wire stripper, a bottle opener, and a can opener. It has three screwdrivers, including two flatheads and one Phillips head. The flatheads are of both full and small size, while the Phillips head can be used for various sizes of screws.

The Wingman has a wood/metal file that efficiently polishes rough metal and wooden surfaces. The package opener is also quite useful as it can cut through thick packaging and tapes.

You can use the ruler on the multi-tool to measure lengths of up to 1 inch.

Dimensions and Weight

The Wingman is made up of stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. The model has a closed length of 3.8 inches, so it doesn’t take up much space in your pocket or on your belt.

The Wingman weighs 198.4 grams; although it is quite lighter than some of the bigger models like the Surge, it is heavier than others like the Skeletool. Its weight makes it easier to carry around, but there are also lighter models available for people who find it heavy.

The Locking Blade

The knife blade on the Wingman can be locked in place when completely opened. However, other tools cannot be locked.

Pocket Clip

The Wingman comes with a replaceable pocket clip that allows people to carry it around without a sheath. People who prefer to use a sheath can remove the clip and use it the way they want.

Exterior Access Tools

This multi-tool hastools that are accessible from the outside, including the knife blades and scissors.

One Hand Use

All its tools can be easily used with just one hand. Therefore, the Wingman enables you to multi-task.


Leatherman backs its products by providing a warranty of 25 years.



Leatherman Skeletool

Leatherman Skeletool
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The Skeletool is amongst the elder versions of the Wingman. It was introduced in 2007 and soon became one of the most famous products of the company. It has 7 efficient tools that make it a good package to carry around, but does not offer full functionality as it lacks a saw, scissors, and some other necessary tools.

Main Tools

The Skeletool features a needle-nosed plier along with a regular plier right below it. The set of wire cutters involves a regular and a hard wire cutter; they are quite useful and efficient.

The knife blade is a combination of straight and serrated blades;this makes them handy in various situations. The blade is 2.6 inches long and is resistant to corrosion. It offers amazing sharpness and has the ability to be sharpened up quite conveniently after a few uses. The straight blade is good for smooth surfaces, while the serrated side is good for rough materials like ropes and cardboards.

The large bit driver lets you switch between different bit sizes. The bottle opener on the multi-tool is very useful and surprisingly efficient. This tool also acts as a carabiner, which lets you hang your multi-tool with a bag, belt, keychain, etc.

Dimensions and Weight

The sturdy stainless steel body of the Skeletool weighs only about 142 grams; this makes it super light to carry around. Its closed length of 4 inches adds to its portability.

Handle Storage Capacity

The Skeletool’s handle has some space to hold tool bits, such as a spare screwdriver head.

Locking System

The knife blade locks into place when fully opened;this ensures safety and convenience. You can manually unlock it after use.

Pocket Clip

The replaceable pocket clip gives you the option to carry the multi-tool without a sheath. If you prefer using a sheath, remove the clip and then use it with the sheath.

Exterior-Accessible Tools

Some tools on the Skeletool open to the outside and can be accessed with the unit closed.

One Hand Use

You can operate all the tools on this model one-handed;this feature allows you to multi-task without any trouble. You can perform any task using this Skeletool with one hand.


The Leatherman provides a warranty of 25 years.



Both the Wingman and the Skeletool have a good value for money; they are equally affordable and useful. If you want to go for a lighter version that has all the basic tools needed for everyday use, then the Skeletool is a good option. However, if you are looking for a multi-tool with more tools and higher affordability, then you should go for the Wingman. The two types of multi-tools are indeed not a complete package, but can be a good backup for emergencies.

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