Leatherman Style CS Review

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A mini multi-tool is a practical and efficient gadget that can make your life more comfortable. It provides all the tools you need for immediate use at work or home, compressed into one piece.  In this world of mini multi-tools, Leatherman’s Style CS occupies a very distinct place. Packed with 6 tools in one compact 1.4 oz keychain body, it is a perfect choice for anyone who needs a sturdy mini-tool. It is highly useful while traveling, and many on-the-go users have attested to its durability and utility. Let’s dive into this review of Leatherman Style CS, shall we?

Leatherman Style CS Review
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Leatherman Style CS Review – Overview


  • 6 useful tools including spring-action scissors
  • High quality 420 HC stainless steel material with 25% of the body filled by glass nylon, making it lightweight
  • Clip-on for easier portability
  • 25 years warranty
  • Affordable and gives value for money

6-in-1 Mini Multi-Tool

The 6 tools included in this multi-tool are:

  • 420 HC knife – the same quality as found in Leatherman’s high-end multi-tools with higher price
  • Spring-action scissors – tried and tested to be the best, can even cut heavily padded faux leather
  • Carabiner/Bottle Opener
  • Tweezers
  • Nail-file
  • Flat/Phillips Screwdriver

High-Quality Yet Lightweight Body

The main point of having a multi-tool is for it to be lightweight to carry around, and Leatherman achieves that by constructing 25% of the Style CS with glass-filled nylon to reduce the weight.  This makes the Leatherman Style CS a mere 1.4 oz, something you would not be reluctant to add to your pocket. Moreover, Leatherman does not compromise on the quality of its body, which means being lightweight does not equal being cheap.

Clip-On for Easier Portability

What makes this mini-tool ultraportable is the clip-on it comes with, which you can easily put on your keychain or bag to easily take wherever you want to. This makes the Style CS highly convenient as you can keep it with yourself, at work, or at home, using it whenever needed.

25 Years Warranty

The best part about Leatherman products is that they ensure their mini tools will last, and the company is ready to replace for any defect with 25 years warranty.


Coming at an affordable price, when compared to its main competitor, Style PS, the Style CS is cheaper, and the only feature it does not have are pliers. So, the real difference would come in if you want to buy pliers. Other than Style PS, Leatherman’s Micra is the only competitor that comes at a similar price. This was the predecessor for Style CS. However, Style CS is a newer version, with some improvements in the original Micra. This includes better-angled tweezers for holding. Consumers would be happier to buy a newer improved version for the same amount of dollars.

Pros & Cons

  • High quality 420 HC blade in low price
  • Convenient clip for portability
  • Lightweight for carrying around
  • Nail pick is too close to the body of the blade, which means you cannot open it single-handedly.


The Conclusion

If you are looking for a stylish accessory to clip-on while on the go, that can help you in your daily tasks, then Leatherman’s Style CS is a perfect fit for you. It does have certain design features that Leatherman needs to improve. These are mainly the slot for the tweezers being too tight and the nail pick of the blade being too close to the blade, which makes it difficult to open it with one hand. However, some users do report the mini tool becomes easier to maneuver with more use. Simply put, the Style CS is a pair of scissors accessorized with 5 other handy tools that you can use for daily work, but not for any serious specialized tasks. This is exactly what Leatherman built it for, and it does succeed.

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