Leatherman Micra vs Gerber Dime

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For voyagers or travelers, multi-tools are one of the must-haves. These tools provide them with all the necessary tools in a compact and handy form. These tools include scissors, forceps, screwdrivers, and other useful tools.  Although some basic tools are available in all multi-tools there are some other tools limited to specific manufacturers.

Micra vs Gerber – Overview


Leatherman Micra and Gerber Dime are among the most popular multi-tools available on the market. Both handy tools are the product of competing manufacturers and are available in a very close price range. However, being two distinct manufacturers, the products have some unique features of their own. In this article, you will find the differences of Leatherman Micra vs Gerber Dime. This can help you decide which tool is more suitable for your use. Some of the tools limited to Leatherman Micra and Gerber Dime can be found below.


Design and Build Quality

Although both of the tools have a very compact size and are easy to carry around in your pocket, Leatherman Micra is smaller. It has a very lightweight which makes it even easier to carry around. The reason might probably be the absence of plier’s heads. When folded, Leatherman Micra is only 2.5 inches. The weight is no more than barely 2 oz.

Even if Gerber Dime is a little heavier and larger than the Micra, it is still handy. When folded, it is 2.75 inches long and weighs about 2.3 oz.

The Leatherman Micra has a more vintage design as compared to the Gerber dime. It doesn’t include any locking tools. There are no unique cutouts in this tool.

Micra vs Dime – The Comparison

Different Heads

One of the most important differences between the two tools is their heads. The Leatherman Micra has a head with scissors heads. It doesn’t have any pliers. Whereas Gerber Dime has plier’s heads. It also includes a pair of scissors.

The choice depends on you whether you require pliers or not. In case you need pliers for your use, then definitely go with the Gerber Dime. But if you don’t need pliers, then you might like to choose Leatherman Micra. It has a pair of scissors with a spring-action mechanism.


Both multi-tools have a few tools in common. These include the bottle-opener, tweezers, and a blade. Another difference is that the tweezers in Leatherman Micra are attached to the body. There is a very low chance of losing them this way. On the other hand, Gerber Dime has detachable tweezers.

Knife Design

Leatherman Micra has a 420HC stainless-steel knife blade. It is easy to sharpen these knives and have an already good edge. Practically speaking, the knives of these mini tools are not sharp enough when compared to normal-sized knives.

These knives are small in size and are good at doing jobs such as opening packages, cutting strings, etc. These knives have thin blades which can’t do heavier tasks. Keeping that in mind, it is fair enough to say that Micra has a good knife in its compact size.

The Gerber dime has a knife with a straight blade. It is almost an inch long. The edge of the blade is sharp enough to carry out small tasks efficiently.


The Leatherman Micra has a standard Leatherman’s spring-release system for its scissors. This makes it very easy and practical to use. The spring mechanism enables an application of a much greater force for cutting. This is not usual in small multi-tools.

Although the spring mechanism is a very useful feature, it is also a very common point of failure. This takes us to the Gerber Dime. This mini-tool has a small yet effective pair of scissors.  These scissors are good for cutting papers. The small size and absence of the spring mechanism limit the use of cutting paper and other light tasks.


The Leatherman Micra includes a 5-inch ruler. It has read in both inches and centimeters. On the other hand, the Gerber Dime lacks a proper scale.


The Gerber Dime has two screws with different heads. One of the screws has a flat head while the other is a crosshead driver. The driver with a flat head is average-sized and does a good job concerning its size.  It is durable against little prying but can’t stand a lot of it. Thus care is needed with this tool.  In Leatherman Micra, there are three screwdrivers. One is a crosshead driver, others include a small flathead driver and a medium flathead driver. The three different drivers can be used for different purposes. The drivers, although are not stronger and durable as compared to any single normal-sized driver. But careful use can take a lot out of them.

Final Thoughts

After looking at the features of both products, it is hard to choose one. Both tools have some of their unique features. The choice depends on the intended use. However, out of these tools, the Gerber Dime is more often recommended. The reason is the available tools and durability. The Leatherman Micra is very old and one of the most popular tools. It has a simple built and is popular for its good quality.

Moreover, Micra has stronger and better scissors than the Gerber Dime. But the absence of pliers makes Micra less recommended than the Gerber Dime. A lot of people demand pliers rather than scissors. Moreover, Gerber Dime is more advanced, durable, and has better features in it.  Notwithstanding, if you won’t bother with the forceps, you can pick Leatherman Micra. It is much compact and lighter. More or less, the two multi tools have their highlights. It exclusively relies upon your inclination and utilizations to choose the suitable one out of the two.

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