Leatherman Freestyle Review

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Tools have become an essential part of everyday life. From opening a closed bottle to cutting a defective wire, from tightening a loose screw to plucking nuts, we need tools. In this world of gadgets, there are millions of tools. Several tools are present for performing a single task. But now the main issue is their large size and number. It is not possible to carry a bucketful of tools along with you all the time to avoid any bad situation.

Now, this is no more an issue because Leatherman addressed this problem and invented their minimalist multitool devices. Yes, Leatherman Freestyle Lightweight Multitool is here to provide you with ease in your daily routine. It is a small gadget containing only those tools that can help you more often. You can keep it in your pocket all the time without any difficulty.

Here is a detailed review of Leatherman Freestyle, its features and specifications. We conducted in-depth research of the product to get an idea about this multitool.

Tools Included

  • Regular pliers
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Hard-wire cutter
  • Regular cutter
  • Combo edge knife (420HC)

Leatherman Freestyle Review – Features

The Leatherman Freestyle Multitool resembles a pocket knife due to its outside-accessible blade. It is much easier and faster to use. Its pliers can make you think that power is not restricted to the size since it is a matter of design that makes things strong or weak. Furthermore, its compact size adds to its worth.


In Leatherman multitools, 420HC steel is the standard knife blade because of its proven performance. This stainless steel is corrosion resistant and provides good edge retention. Its clip point tip and belly curve are easy to control. As compared to other serrated blades, Freestyles’ 6.6-cm blade is not too aggressive and effective in most cases.


Pliers are an essential part of all the multitools. For Freestyle, pliers can work smoothly after a few open/close cycles. Some customers complained about its stiffness. But many of the customers found it smooth. Its needlenose has a 1.5-inch opening, while the ideal one-handed working gap is 1.25-inch. Its Zytel handle is easy to operate while just using fingertips.

Wire Cutters

Leatherman Freestyle comprises V-shaped cutter blades. A circular cutout is present at the hinge for the cutting of hard wires. This cutter can cut some small nails as well.

Overall Construction Quality

Its overall construction quality is excellent. Its blades consist of 420HC stainless steel, while Zytel’s handle and all other tools are of stainless steel.


  • It consists of 420HC stainless steel.
  • It weighs 4.5 oz.
  • Its overall length is 8.76 cm.
  • The blade length is 6.6 cm.
  • The overall dimensions are 3.45 x 1.3 x 0.71 inches.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact and attractive
  • Easy and smooth to use with one hand
  • Pocket-clip makes it easy to carry
  • No Phillips and flathead bits


Leatherman Freestyle – Overview

No doubt Leatherman Freestyle Multitool is an attractive gadget. Hence, it catches the attention of a large number of people looking for something for daily use. Its customers are happy and satisfied because it contains nothing more and nothing less. It is undeniably a simple and elegant, thoughtfully engineered product. It is accurately designed according to the demands and needs of people. People admire its small size as it is easy to carry along. A slightly serrated blade is preferred instead of a plain blade. The serrated blade offers better functions.

Some customers complained about the stiffness of the pliers. However, it is not a big issue. A few open/close cycles can make it smooth. The other complaint is about the breaking of blades. People have noticed that the knife blade gets broken near the base. This can be quite detrimental, and potential buyers should undoubtedly take it into consideration. The warranty can undeniably prove beneficial in such cases.

It consists of stainless steel having great resistance against corrosion. Despite that, it corrodes due to users’ negligence. However, it is curable, and you can remove its stains by using a mixture of saltwater and lemon juice. It is perfect for those who do not need a screwdriver in their pocket.


Leatherman Freestyle Review – Conclusion

Leatherman Freestyle Multitool has made its reputation among high-quality tools. It is a decent, small size and elegant tool for daily use. Its pliers, blades, and wire-cutters all work amazingly. Additionally, it is stable as well as easy to carry. Furthermore, it is also highly affordable.

Leatherman provides a warranty of 25 years, which is long enough for such a small gadget. It is the perfect choice to make. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours.


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