Leatherman Charge Plus TTi vs Wave Plus

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Multi-tooled knives have been one of mankind’s most exciting innovations. These knives are incredibly compact and useful devices that can come in handy in numerous situations.

From cutting wires to fastening a bolt, these knives have become one of the most useful gadgets you could find in any household.

Carrying this knife around can prove to be quite useful, but what makes it stand out from the rest of such tacky gadgets is its incredibly easy access. It essentially means simple everyday accessories like scissors, knives, or even screwdrivers will never be too far away from your reach.

Since these knives have multiple features, they can be employed in numerous situations. This is why it can sometimes be tricky to choose a multi-tooled knife. To resolve this dilemma, we are going to compare and contrast two different Leatherman products to help you decide between them.

Leatherman Charge Plus TTi vs Wave Plus – Overview


Leatherman Charge Plus TTi

Leatherman Charge Plus TTi
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The Leatherman Charge Plus TTI multitool connects a wide range of everyday tools in only 8 ounces of pure steel. This makes this knife incredibly lightweight and less burdensome to carry along. You can use a large variety of functions present in the knife, some of which include replaceable wire cutters, scissors, screwdrivers, a saw, bottle openers, and much, much more.

The protective features that come along with this knife make it one of the most demanded products on the market. This knife comes with all-locking features, which means that every single tool on the knife can be locked (except the plier head). This allows the user to operate on the different tools without compromising their safety.

Moreover, the knife can be folded into a closed position, which resembles the functionality of a pocket knife. The handle of this device makes it immensely comfortable to use as well.

Another excellent feature of this knife is that it includes a replaceable pocket clip. This allows the user to carry their knife attached to their pocket for easy and simple access. This will also prevent workers, especially, from losing or misplacing the knife while working.

However, this unit may come across as a bit pricey to some customers who might be looking for cheaper options. Since this knife has a wide array of quality tools, its price is considerably higher than other similar products. This, along with this product’s dimensions (which are comparatively small) can prevent many people from buying it.

Pros & Cons

  • Exceptionally safe to use
  • Has 19 different tools
  • Can be used as a pocket knife
  • Comes with a replaceable pocket clip for easy access
  • Excellent for all types of maintenance works
  • Small dimensions
  • Quite expensive


Leatherman Wave Plus

Leatherman Wave Plus
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The Leatherman Wave Plus is a very useful gadget to keep around. The Wave is one of the most popular models produced by Leatherman so far. This knife weighs around 11 ounces, which means it’s not too heavy to carry around.

This knife comprises a wide array of features. It consists of a total of 18 tools, which is incredibly impressive for its size and dimension. Some of these tools include pliers, knives, cutting hooks, hammers, replaceable wire cutters, and bolts. This vast array of features make this product one of the most desirable one on the market.

This knife can also be opened from the outside, meaning you don’t need to put in extra effort to use it. Moreover, this knife also comes with a comfortable handle, ensuring that your experience with it is a comfortable one.

A great feature that comes along with this knife is its needle-nosed pliers. They are incredibly effective at weeding out small particles and allow an extremely strong grip over such objects. However, the pliers are not spring-loaded which limits their functionality to some extent. Moreover, the stainless steel which this product is made out of gives it a very aesthetic look.

For easy access to the Leatherman’s Wave knife, this product comes along with a pocket clip which ensures that it is always within your reach.

The Leather Wave Plus also has a lifetime warranty, which means that you no longer have to worry about this device malfunctioning, as you can always replace it with a newer one.

This product is not too expensive either, which means you wouldn’t have to dive too far deep into your pocket to buy this product.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong, needle-nosed pliers
  • Consists of 19 different tools
  • Comes with a pocket clip
  • Can be slightly difficult to carry around


Charge Plus TTi vs Wave Plus – The Comparison

So far, we have reviewed and analyzed two amazing products available on the market for us. Both these products have almost the same features, making them incredibly competitive. This is why it is a challenging task to decide between them.

While both these products have similar features to some extent, the Wave has an edge over the Charge in terms of customer reviews. Most customers are far more content with the former than they are with the Charge Plus TTi. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the difference between the costs of both products.

The Leatherman Wave Plus is significantly far less expensive than the Charge Plus. This allows it to attract more customers. Moreover, the Wave is one of the best-selling multi-tooled knives on the market, shadowing the Charge by a large margin.

The quality of the tools that are integrated into these devices are almost the same, however, Wave Plus’ dimensions are slightly larger than those of Charge Plus, which makes it far easier for users to operate on.

Lastly, both these products provide easy access to the user and have a wide array of features that will contribute to an easier lifestyle for you. They both come along with a 25-year warranty which allows you to rectify any error of judgment.



We have uncovered two of the best products on the market thus far, and hopefully, we have guided you into choosing one product over the other based on your needs.

Make sure that you follow all the safety precautions while handling these multi-tooled knives. As long as you do that, this would be an exciting journey for you.

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