Leatherman Charge Plus Review

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Are you in search of a multi-purpose tool that can give you value for your cash? You should consider choosing Leatherman Charge Plus multitool. Though there is great competition in making the best multi-tools, Leatherman manufacturer is considered a top leader in the tool making industry.Leatherman Charge Plus is among the top multi tools from Leatherman such as Wave,OHT or Skeletool CX, so you should not worry about the quality of this multi tool. This brand of multi tools never let it’s users down even in the
most extreme conditions.You can use this specific model to do just about anything since it equipped with numerous features that make it versatile. Go through our Leatherman charge plus review to learn more about its quality features and how to use it.

Leatherman Charge Plus Review
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Leatherman Charge Plus Review – Overview


These days it’s hard to find a premium quality multi tool at an affordable price, most cheap multi tools are manufactured using low quality materials that are easy to crack when used under harsh conditions, but not the same can be said about Charge Plus, it’s durability has been proven over and over again by experts in the field. One of the things that make this tool stand out from the rest is its durable construction. It is made from high-quality materials that prolong its lifespan. Leatherman charge plus tool comes with stainless steel construction. The material prevents it from corroding and increases its durability. You will also like the stainless finish that makes this multi-tool quite elegant. It is not only beautifully made but also lightweight so that you can use it with ease.


This tool contains some removable parts, and it is designed for multi-purpose use. It includes high-quality pliers and nicely shaped handles to help you secure your grip. This can also help you apply excellent torque during use. The regular pliers also contain a built-in wire crimper. Leatherman charge plus tool includes both a serrated and straight blade. Both blades are known to work well and are easy to open using a single hand. The serrated blade has a cutting hook at the back part that is suitable for slicing through tape or cordage.

If you want to cut through planks or branches, you can use the included saw which is found near the serrated blade. The tool also contains sharp scissors that cut through cardboard and paper. You can also use this pair on thick material. Leatherman charge plus tool also includes a flat screwdriver and bit drivers. You can use large or medium-sized screws with the flathead screwdriver. If you want to work on small screws, the bit driver comes in handy, especially when handling electronic parts. You, therefore, get great value since the tool can cover a wide range of screw sizes.

You no longer have to keep on carrying a bottle opener with you since this multi-tool provides the same functionality. It pops bottle caps effectively. The multi-tool also contains a feature that can help you strip wires as well as a ruler that you can use to take accurate measurements. You also get built-in lanyard rings and a pocket clip.

Pros & Cons

  • Corrosion-resistant material
  • Contains effective features
  • Has replaceable parts
  • Your purchase comes with a warranty
  • It comes with small-sized scissors



From our Leatherman charge plus review, you can tell that the manufacturer combines high-quality materials with excellent craftsmanship to deliver a one of a kind tool. It looks not only elegant but also feels polished. Every feature folds out well and locks into place smoothly. You can use this tool at home, workplace, or during outdoor activities such as camping.

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