Leatherman Charge ALX Review

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Leatherman is a company valued for its superior design and high functionality in the multi-tools industry. The Charge ALX is an addition to a family of efficient multi-tools, designed to aid you in your daily adventures, whether at work, home or on your outdoor excursions. The Leatherman Charge ALX was on our review list for a long time, today we explore this multi tool and all of it’s features.

Leatherman Charge ALX Review
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Leatherman Charge ALX Review – Overview

  • 18 tools in one super-tool
  • Greater accessibility with a pocket clip and quick-release lanyard ring
  • 2 Knives in one; one is 154CM stainless steel and another is high-quality serrated 420-HC stainless steel
  • Improved Design
  • Equipped with Nylon sheath
  • 25-years Warranty

Let’s take a look at all features in detail


The Charge ALX contains two types of pliers; needle nosed and regular. There are two types of wire-cutters too; hard wire and regular. Moreover, it houses a wire crimper, wire stripper, ruler, can and bottle opener. There are two knives; one is 154CM thick and the other is 420 HC serrated, equipped with a cutting hook as well. Other than the above, it has a saw, wood/metal file, diamond coated file and three bit drivers.

Greater Accessibility

With a clip-on and quick release lanyard ring, you can be sure to have the Leatherman Charge ALX within reach wherever you are. Moreover, for a heavy-duty multi-tool, it is surprisingly compact (10 cm in length when closed) and lightweight (weighing only 8.3 oz), making it easy to carry around.

Two Knives in One

Leatherman has equipped the Charge ALX with two strong and durable knives. One is the 420 HC stainless steel serrated knife, which comes with a cutting hook, especially helpful for ripping through tough materials such as seatbelts, linoleum and leather. Another is the 154CM corrosion resistant blade which will hold its edge three times longer than the 420 HC stainless steel, because of its high carbon and high alloy material. The blades are also enhanced by bronze bushings which make them open smoothly without any trouble.

Improved Design

Leatherman has improved the design for this multi-tool with certain special adjustments. The pliers have been improved to take 133% more squeezing load, enabling you to hold on more tightly for tougher jobs. The Charge ALX also has 50% more lock strength, which means you can safely cut through objects, with stability and control guaranteed. Moreover, each tool can be deployed single-handedly, which over all improves the grip for this multi-tool and makes it more efficient for work with and the hard-anodized aluminum handles also make the grip better.

Nylon Sheath

The Charge ALX comes with a black nylon sheath as a cover to keep the extra parts in handy.

25-year Warranty

The Leatherman Charge ALX has the standard 25 year warranty given on Leatherman products.

Pros & Cons

  • Stronger Pliers which can take more squeezing load
  • Improved lock strength
  • Single-handed deployment which makes it easy to work with
  • Sharp cutting hook
  • Bronze bushings to aid smooth opening of blades
  • The spine of the 154CM blade is a bit thick, making it a bit cumbersome to cut through larger objects
  • The bottle opener is also a bit too thick, hindering its ability to get under the bottle cap



As compared to its main competitors; Leatherman Wave Plus and Leatherman Charge Plus TTI, the Charge ALX has a few advantages. It has a cutting hook, the jaws of the pliers are wider, the bronze bushings make it easier to deploy and it has two strong knives instead of one.

However, Leatherman’s Charge TTI has a titanium body, if that is an attraction for you, but makes it a little bit heavier. Therefore, if you are looking for a multi-tool which is cheaper and lighter on the pocket, then Leatherman’s Charge ALX is a better option. As for Leatherman’s Wave Plus, the only edge it has over the Charge ALX, is that it has scissors and is cheaper. This can be ignored if you are not interested in buying the scissors and more interested in a lighter tool with stronger grip.

In conclusion of this Leatherman Charge ALX Review, you should consider buying this multi tool if you want an efficient companion which is easy to carry around and operate with one hand.

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