Kershaw Shuffle II Review

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Kershaw appears to have a knack for producing compelling and attractive small knives. Kershaw’s Cinder and Diode are both teeny-tiny folders with the design and features of a much bigger blade.
Kershaw’s Shuffle is yet another tiny knife – it isn’t as small as Cinder or Diode, even though it’s only 3.25″ closed and 5.75″ fully open. It is small in size, though it does not lack features. It is an excellent utility knife, and I can see it becoming popular given the benefits it offers at such a low price. The wide range of colors is also appealing, and it differs from the basic black and steel used by many manufacturers.
Overall, another great knife from Kershaw seems to put so much effort into kitchen knives as they do large ones.

Kershaw Shuffle II
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Kershaw Shuffle II Review – Overview

Kershaw‘s packaging is appealing to me. The Shuffle II happened to come in a small red-orange box with a handbook. And there is a manual.
For use with the folding knife. Also, to make matters worse, the manual failed to explain all or most of the knife’s features, like the non-instinctive ambidextrous tin or any bottle opener, and how you can assemble the clip on either edge of the blade (more on that later). All in all, it’s unusual, but it appears to be useful, and I like it.
The knife itself is available in three different colors, including my favorite, OD green. The Kershaw Shuffle II’s handle is made of glass-filled nylon and molded to look precisely like Micarta or G10.

Basic Measurements and Blade Specifications

The Kershaw Shuffle 2 is a 2.6-inch long, 0.106-inch tough outer blade. The handle is slightly less than 4 inches long and .4 inches thick. Once closed, the knife measures 4 inches long, and then when opened, it measures 6.3 inches. The knife weighs only 3 ounces, which is exceptionally light. The blade is reasonably efficient in terms of both weight and size.
The blade of the Shuffle 2 is an American Tanto layout, so it packs a punch for a small knife. The sharp tool is relatively short owing to the unavailability of a genuine belly to the blade. The American Tanto tip has a nice corner edge, which allows for good cuts through thicker, less suitable materials.
The Shuffle 2 has a large choil that easily fits your finger and inhibits the blade from shuttering if the lock fails. The choil is a logical outgrowth of the grip and is quite relaxed. It would be absurd not to use it to hold the knife. The knife blade has no jimping at the top for trying to drive it with your thumb.

Knife design

On fashion, I must be honest and admit that I have a strong preference for anything new. I have too many dull 3 inch knives with essential G-10 scales and blades, but when something unexpected comes out, like the Kershaw Pub (great knife by overall) or even the Shuffle, I take notice since it is different.
The scales are injection molded FRN, identical to the previous Shuffle, but in terms of texture and feel, this is a grown-up knife, but unlike the original Shuffle, which seemed to be modeled as something you take out for free at trade fairs.

Kershaw Shuffle II Dimensions

Because of the ergonomically designed handle, the Kershaw Shuffle is incredibly comfortable in hand. There have been some well-placed finger grooves in the grip and one on the blade to ensure that it fits snugly in hand.
You feel totally in charge of the blade, which is razor-sharp right out of the box. They have put more thought into creating quite a small knife so comfy to hold.
The blade begins smoothly, with just enough resistance to keep it from opening your pocket, and it locks firmly in position with a strong liner lock. The lock is vital and requires a lot of pressure to unlock, which isn’t necessarily bad.

Lock-Up and Deployment

The knife is simple to open and has ambidextrous thumb studs. The knife opens easily with one hand, as well as the blade glides out of the grip very smoothly. Because the thumb studs are so tiny, you can’t sling it open as quickly as you can with most knives.
A back thumb flipper, in my opinion, will be a better choice. If you need to use your hands because of whatever reason, you could indeed grip the swedge comfy and lift it free with little opposition.
The blade has a basic nested liner clamp that loudly clicks into place and provides tactile and audible feedback. The Shuffle 2 locks up very firmly and has an excellent overall feel to it. I haven’t noticed any motion, play, or a feeling that the blade will come loose on me. The choil also prevents the blade from closing in on you.

Pros & Cons

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It has a bottle opener
  • Made with lead


The Kershaw Shuffle II has a lot of features that we like.

The Kershaw Shuffle II is a unique pocket knife. It’s small and handles two useful functions with non-moving parts. The screwdriver is essentially a hidden treasure, while the bottle opener is workable if odd. If somebody else is using the knife, you would still not know either one of those did exist just by gazing at it.
They become apparent after you touch the Shuffle II for yourself. That’s fantastic. In that regard, it appears to be a spy’s tool.
I like the blade’s finish. Kershaw got the Blackwash finish right here, and it works well both by itself and as part of the overall design. When closed, the Shuffle II is only a tiny nondescript oval, which I like.


Whereas the Kershaw Shuffle II appears appealing at first glance, it ultimately gets in its way. If you do have small hands and work with lots of cardboard boxes, it’s worth the try it. The tanto tip is quite strong, but it isn’t beneficial for the pocket knife’s cutting and snipping tasks.
The Kershaw Shuffle is an excellent option if you’re looking for a flexible and durable pocket folder. It has incredible features and is very nice to grip and use. It’s an excellent value for money as an everyday carry utility knife.

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