Jeep Survival Emergency Gear Review

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Multitools are a good alternative for heavy tools, one which is also very lightweight to be easily carried around in your pocket. Jeep emergency gear is another such multitool that packs a small number of tools, all functional enough to tackle any emergency situation inside your home as well as on outdoor expeditions.

Design & Construction

The moment you take this multitool out of the packing, you realize that it’s thinner than your usual multitools. Thinner size means it’s lightweight, a decent 0.31lb (145gm), which makes it very easy to hold in hand or carry in a pocket.

Its sleek and impressive design fits nicely in hand. The tool is made of stainless steel to give it durability and longevity. Crafted in a famous knife-making place in China – Yang Jiang – there is no doubt about the superior material of this multi-functional gear.

The number of tools is kept to the minimum, nonetheless, they are all very handy and practical for carrying around to work or any emergency.

There’s a swiveling lock that is associated with pliers only. However, the knife blade stays in place when pushed inside the handle to not become cumbersome while you are using other tools.

Moreover, this compact and portable multitool has a steel belt clip that helps you hang it nicely and firmly on your belt.

All this niceness comes with a nylon pouch for easy storage and portability.

What Tools Are Included?

The tools included in this emergency gear are:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pliers
  • Knife blade
  • Set of bits, large flathead, smaller flathead, Philip screwdriver


  • Weight:                        0.31lb/145gm
  • Fold length:                 4.72-inch (12cm)
  • Blade length:               6.5cm
  • Overall material:         420HC steel
  • Hardness:                     53HRC
  • Handle material:         Stainless Steel

Jeep Survival Emergency Gear Review – Overview

Adjustable Wrench Jaw

The thing that will intrigue you the most about this multitool is the inclusion of a crescent-style adjustable wrench jaw. This is without any doubt the highlight of this emergency equipment. The jaws of the wrench span around ½ inch to fit a wide range of nuts. Its coarse inner teeth grip them perfectly for easy functioning.

The wrench flexes on high-force applications because it’s emergency equipment and not a professional big wrench. However, it’s sturdy enough to come in handy for daily home use, outdoor expeditions, camping etc.

Knife Blade

This is yet another handy tool. Whether you are working at home, or on outdoor exercises, a knife blade at hand always comes in handy. The knife blade is a quick-deployment style 2.36-inch (6cm) black-toned stainless steel blade. The non-serrated blade is exquisitely chiseled and pretty sharp to cut and pierce through some tougher materials with ease.

Note that there’s no locking mechanism for keeping the knife blade in place. However, once you push the blade inside the handle of multitool, it stays in to not obstruct your work or cause any accidental injury.

Spring-loaded Pliers

A standard spring-loaded plier is deployed on the opposite end of the wrench jaw. They are not needle-nose pointed pliers, but the nose is narrow enough to fit in relatively tight spots.

You will be glad to know that the pliers have a swiveling type locking mechanism to keep them locked for easy storage inside your pocket.

The spring-loaded design makes it very easy to grip it in hand while working on screwing/unscrewing bolts and nuts.

At the base of the pliers is a wire cutter. The cutting edges of the cutter are sharp enough to cut wires and thin nylon ropes without much difficulty.

Set of Bits

Unlike other multitools, this one does not have a separate bit kit. Instead, it packs a set of three screwdriver bits, large flathead, small flathead, and Philip screwdriver, in the side of the multitool. You will have to use your index finger to push them out of the handle.

There are two hexagonal screwdriver sockets, bit holders, at the nose-end of the wrench. One points outward along the length of multitool and the other is along the transverse axis.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact and portable
  • Wrench jaw
  • High-quality material
  • Low price
  • Good for emergency uses
  • Locking mechanism is only for pliers


Combining a small number of handy and practical tools, this multitool is ideal for emergency situations.  The practical application of tools will definitely make your day easier.

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