Gerber MP800 Legend Review

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There are gazillions of tasks that you can perform using a Gerber multi-tool. Each Gerber model is equipped with unique sets of instruments that are put together to enhance your problem-solving experience.

The day-to-day problems at first seem negligible but can drive you mad if they are recurring. The different designs of these multi-function tools give you numerous options to choose from. For instance, there is a model for every type of place, such as your workplace, home, and outdoor activities.  Now, it is more convenient to face the little problems head-on without having to look for a professional tool kit. In this review of Gerber MP800 Legend  we explain in more detail how this multi tool works and what features it has.

Gerber MP800 Review
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Gerber MP800 Legend Review – Overview

Whether you are doing something as adventurous as camping or as simple as moving around the house, it is advantageous to keep Gerber multi-plier with you. So, if you face a problematic matter that requires tools, you’d be able to deal with it right away. For example, during camping setting up a camp requires some complex tasks that can’t be done just with your fingers. Therefore, such pocket-tools can prove handy in both expected and unexpected places.

Gerber Legend, as the name implies, is indeed legendary in comparison to other Gerber models. It is exclusively designed for people who seek an extra pair of pliers or wire cutters with a stronger grip on the instrument.

Main Features


Pocket tools ought to be less spacious but in the case of the Gerber MP800 Legend Multi-Tool, the construction is bulkier than other models. Well, it is due to the extra pair of pliers and the unique design of the handles. The hefty build makes it sturdy enough to withstand hundreds of clumsy falls.

An additional feature that makes it stand out is the corrosion-proof nickel coating over aluminum. The coating prevents rust from destroying your tools and allowing you to overcome tasks that require water exposure. You will be able to tight your loosened tap or shower-head without spoiling your gadget.


The product features handle made with strong material (aluminum) with a thickness of 1/8 inches. The thickness seems to be a problem at first but if you look at the bright side, it doesn’t matter much.

Nothing drives you mad more than the slippery handle of your pocket tool. You require a strong grip over your tool to overcome a rusted and out of the place old screw or twist a hard wire.

The Gerber legend incorporates many tools and every one of them can overcome multiple problems. Here’s the list of features it has:

  • Small-sized screwdriver
  • Medium-sized screwdriver
  • Large-sized screwdriver
  • Always ready Bottle cap opener
  • Double-sided nail filers
  • Nail holding slots
  • Easy opening blades
  • Multiple Tungsten carbide Wire cutters
  • Fiskars scissors
  • Crosspoint screwdrivers
  • Keychain compatible
  • Corrosion-free body
  • Lanyard hole
  • Stainless steel tool lock mechanism
  • Sturdy Aluminum handles with rubber fittings
  • Replaceable saw blade

Prominent tools

Let’s look deep into some major tools that make this gadget fitting to own:

Two-in-one blade

Another significant feature is its ability to be handled single-handedly. A two-in-one sharp blade emerges out with just a simple movement of your finger or thumb. You wouldn’t require a complex ritual to open up the tools. Due to this feature, it becomes a top choice for people who seek ease.

The two-in-one sharp blade is about 69.9 mm long with half its body saw-toothed and the other half plain. This multi-feature blade takes multi-functioning tools on another level.

One-handed scissors

As if the one-handed blade option wasn’t enough, the product also possesses a one-handed scissor feature. You can easily deploy the scissors one-handedly, but to make them functional, you have to utilize another finger to pull back the handle part backward.

However, the scissors are not as huge as other standard scissors. They have a relatively shorter throat of 22.2 mm only. Rather than being problematic, the shorter throat comes in handy in putting everything in its pat due to its strength. However, you have to do more clips than normal scissors because of the small opening, which can be annoying.

Saw blade

In addition to one-handed tools and well-designed handles, it has a unique saw blade feature that makes its likeability off the charts. When opened, it has an overall length of 73 mm while its sharp edge is 55.6 mm long.

Whenever your blades become wearisome, you have numerous options to add different kinds of blades. The extra length gives you room to fit even the longer blades. The blades can be used to shave off branches, cut a small piece of wood, cut rope, and other textured and bulkier material.

However, the saw turns weary fast due to its smaller size. Therefore, the tool becomes useless if you don’t have a bunch of interchangeable saw blades present all the time.

Pros & Cons

  • More number of tools than other multi-tools products available in the market
  • The knife and scissors are accessible one-handedly
  • The saw blades are replaceable with an extra slot to fight the longer blades
  • The nickel-plated aluminum body makes the construction resistant to corrosion
  • Options of three flat screwdrivers with varying sizes and one cross screwdriver makes the product ideal for dealing with everyday problems
  • The rubber fittings in the handle provide a stronger grip over the tools
  • The small size of the scissors makes them stronger at cutting clean
  • The two-in-one blade makes it easier even to cut textured materials
  • It is bulkier than other models, which makes it difficult to store
  • The scissors require more cuts to do the cutting because of the small size
  • The scissors require another finger to become functional even when opened one-handedly
  • The spread of pliers is bigger than the hands
  • The rubber fittings don’t improve the grip when using the pliers



This well-designed instrument with the potential to overcome countless everyday problems might be everything you need to bring some ease to your life. The one-handed tools and fancy design that provides a strong grip outshines the drawbacks of the product. These features make the bulkier appearance harder to affect your judgment. In conclusion of our Gerber MP800 Legend Review we recommend you don’t waste any more of your time and get your hands on this masterpiece.

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