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Leatherman Wave Plus vs Wingman

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Imagine you are out on your trip or just traveling to or from your workplace to your home. Suddenly, you are in dire need of a blade or any knife so you can fix anything that has been creating trouble for you. All over the globe, multiple people felt the need to have a multi-purpose tool some 40 years ago. Well, people still feel the need to have that combo-pack of tools, but Leatherman has solved their problem.

Leatherman is an American company, which has pioneered in producing compact and multipurpose tools. The company made its entry into the market through Pocket Size Tools (PST) in 1983. Since then, there has been continuous improvement in designs and quality of products. Now, you can find a magical tool that is all-purpose from an extensive range of tools of Leatherman.

Leatherman Wave Plus vs Leatherman Wingman is a comparison of the two most sought out products by the consumers. While the former is one of the best-selling products of the Leatherman family, the latter is one of the top-rated products. Let’s closely inspect the features of both the products, which will help you in deciding which product to lay your hands on.

Leatherman Wave Plus

Size and Weight

Leatherman Wave Plus has a closed length of 4 inches and weighs 8.5 oz.

Material and Design

The Wave Plus is made up of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant. You also have the option to have a black oxide on the Wave Plus for an edgy and sturdy look.

The Wave Plus is a compressed, pocket-sized tool that can just fit in any place of your liking. It has an all locking feature, which makes it safer to use. Few of its tools are accessible from the outside, which saves you from delving into the whole set of tools.

Included Tools

Wave Plus includes 18 tools. Five of its tools are accessible from the outside, which means you don’t have to open the whole set of tools. A blade of 2.9 inches, a serrated knife, a saw, and a diamond and metal/wood files can be handy to perform day-to-day tasks, as they are present at the outset of the tool.

It comes with a pair of spring-action scissors, which means you don’t need to worry about minor cutting tasks. There are two types of pliers present in this tool, which provide you enough room to utilize them according to your needs. These are needle nose pliers and regular pliers. Premium wire cutters and hard-wire cutters are also present, and the most remarkable thing about them is that they are easily replaceable.

In addition to this, it has an electrical crimper, wire stripper, a ruler of 8 inches, a can and bottle opener. It is also accompanied by a wide range of screwdrivers, which makes it an ideal multi-purpose tool for anyone.

Pros & Cons

  • Highly functional
  • Long-lasting
  • Four outside-accessible tools

  • Expensive
  • Inefficient bottle opener

Leatherman Wingman

Size and Weight

The Wingman has a closed length of 3.8 inches and weighs 7 oz.

Material and Design

The Wingman is made up of high-end stainless steel, which makes it a long-lasting product. The Wingman is also a smart tool, which is equipped with 14 tools. It comes with safer user experience with its blade locking feature. You also get a replaceable pocket clip, which provides you with the option to either use it with a sheath or hook it onto a belt.

Included Tools

The Wingman is a compact multipurpose toolkit consisting of 14 tools. It has a key chain, which gives it an edge over the Wave Plus. It also features a pair of spring-action scissors, which are by far one of the best scissors in the Leatherman family. Scissors are razor-sharp and are convenient for trimming. Spring-action needle nose pliers and spring-action regular pliers are also present, which have fine teeth and have articulated jaw.

It comes with a blade of 2.6 inches, which is serrated at one side and ground on the other side. The blade can be opened singlehandedly and can be locked as well, making the tool much safer for usage. You can easily deal with most of the wires with the help of wire cutter and wire strippers present in the Wingman.

It has a much shorter ruler than that of the Wave Plus, with a length of only 1.5 inches. A bottle opener and a can opener are also present to help you with your cans and bottles. Three types of screwdrivers are present, which are handy to deal with any type of screws

Pros & Cons

  • Unique package opener
  • Economical
  • Highly durable

  • Hybrid knife could have been better

Leatherman Wave Plus vs Wingman – The Comparison

Size and Weight Wise

The Wingman is lighter and shorter than the Wave Plus, which is an additional advantage.

In Terms of Tools

Wave Plus has 18 tools with the pliers as the dominant one, while the Wingman has 14 tools with scissors as its primary tool. It depends on your usage and preference, which product you choose for yourself.

Leatherman Warranty

Leatherman has maintained its reputation for its consumer-friendly policies. In any case that you mess up with your tool, Leatherman provides a warranty of 25 years. You can get both Wingman and Wave Plus fixed multiple times during this period.


In conclusion of this Leatherman Wave Plus vs Leatherman Wingman comparison we can say without any doubt that Wave Plus is a classical tool, with all the standard tools in it. With its 18 tools, it can entice any consumer. However, it is much expensive than the Wingman. The additional feature of keychain in the Wingman is an advantage for its portability. It’s lightweight and budget-friendly and therefore attracts the customers towards it.

Both are remarkable products, but the Wingman grabs a little more attention than the Wave Plus because it is far less expensive than the Wave Plus.

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